Our national Flag  // A visit to a place // My aim in life // My hobby


  1. Write a paragraph about our National Flag.

 “Our national flag “

Our national flag has a rectangular shape with three distinct divisions. These divisions are marked by three meaningful colours-saffron at the top, white in the middle, and dark green at the bottom. The saffron stands for courage and sacrifice, the white represents peace and truth while the green signifies youth and faith. On the white section at the centre, there is the Ashok’s wheel  or the ‘Dharma chakra’, which symbolizes the the progress of the country along the right path. The tri colour stands for the unity, dignity and sovereignty of our country. We ought to defend its honour even at the the cost of of our lives.


 2.Write a paragraph about a visit to a interesting place.

“A visit to  place”

I have a a passion for visiting historical place. It always takes me to long  past. In the last X-Mas holiday some of my friends and I I visited Murshidabad. We set out by lalgola Express and it was and overnight journey. First we visited the Hazarduari, the majestic (রাজকীয়) palace with 1000 doors. We were amazed seeing a museum, and art gallery, library and and armoury (অস্ত্রাগার) all in the same palace. We show the court room of the Nawab’s many pictures on the walls, the big sword of Siraj, a big Cannon (কামান) and many more. We visited the Moti jheel then the  setting sun reminded us of our returning home. We were going to the station almost in a trance.


3.Write a paragraph about your aim in life. 

My aim in life”

An aim steers a life to success or victory . I have a haunting am in the core of my heart. I want to be e a teacher. It is a noble profession. The teacher are the backbone of the society. A teacher exercises great influence over his  pupils. He not only  impart (প্রদান করা) knowledge to them but also teaches them to know the right and the wrong. He’s actually a friend, philosopher and guide to the students. Only ideal teachers can build an ideal nation.the core affection and guidance which I get from my teachers have inspired me to pursue this noble profession.
But for that I have to work hard to achieve my dream.


4.Write a paragraph about your hobby in brief.

“My hobby”

Hobby is a work which a man undertakes (গ্রহণ করা) in his spare time (অবসর সময়) to get pleasure. There are many hobbies such as philately (ডাকটিকিট), reading, gardening, photography, painting etc. My hobby is is gardening. I have a small flower garden in front of our house. I take care of it. I dig the land,sow seeds, water the plants and remove weeds. When the plants brust into flowers, butterflies visit my garden and the plants nod  their heads in gentle breeze (মৃদু বাতাস), I feel extremely happy. Gardening is no doubt a labourious is job, but it gives me immense (প্রচুর) satisfaction  (তৃপ্তি). It never tires me but it provides me energy to work hard.



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