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  1. Write an Essay about Your experience -Your Last Day At School.


Points: Introduction-scene in the hall of the school-your feelings-conclusion.

The memory of my last day at school fills my mind with feelings at once sweet and sad. I had been in this institution for six years. So it had been the spring of my early dreams and the ties I had developed there seemed to be unbreakable. As I think of that last day, I am at a loss how to express myself properly.

                                                                                    It is just one month ago that we received a call from our Headmaster to attend the school for our admit cards from the Board of Secondary Education. Accordingly I went there at 12 noon. The other boys of my class sent up for the examination had also arrived. We assembled in the school. All the teachers also were present there. Soon after, our Assistant Headmaster took up the admit cards from the table and handed them to us all.

                                                                                     Then the Headmaster gave us his blessings in a voice almost choked with emotion. He advised us not to get nervous or noisy in the examination hall even if some of the questions would seem difficult. We should carefully revise our answers and see that our names and roll numbers were put on the cover pages of the answer scripts. Particular emphasis was laid on our not taking any unfair means in the examination hall.

                                                                                 Some of the other teachers showered their blessings on us. Their words and voice showed how sincere their feelings were. No doubt our school was well known as a good one, proud of its teachers and their relationship with the students. But the present atmosphere was so emotional that some of us could not help tears gathering in their eyes.

                                                                                 Then came the turn of the captain of our class to express our feelings of gratefulness to our teachers. He assured them that we were always conscious of what we had received at school and would spare no pain to prove worthy of them in after-life.

                                                                                We then went up to the teachers individually to touch their feet in obeisance. The memory of that day still cheers and inspires me to prove worthy of the love and trust of my teachers.


The other day I went to the Eden Gardens to witness the football match between J.C.T. Mills and East Bengal. It was a very exciting match. The ball moved from one end of the field to the other with lightning speed. But none could score a goal. The eighty five minutes passed without a goal and the excitement reached its acme. Suddenly the East Bengal link-man, Krishanu passed the ball to the left-out Debashish who ran down the field and gave a straight pass to the centre-forward Uttam. Uttam dribbled past two or three J.C.T. defenders and took a strong shot at the goal. But the ball went over the bar by an inch. The J.C.T. stopper took the goalkick and sent the ball well into the East Bengal area. The J.C.T. centre forward received the ball and passed it to Bir Singh, who dodged past a host of East Bengal defenders and took a rising shot at the goal. The shot was fisted over the bar by the goal-keeper. It was a minute or two left for the long final whistle to go. The spectators were preparing to leave the field, when Bikash of East Bengal seized a ball, and passed it to Chima who befooled J.C.T. defenders and took a sizzling kick at the goal. The ball struck the net. The East Bengal supporters went mad in joy. The whole Gardens reeled with noise and excitement.


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