Examination is an important part of educational system. It is for testing the ability and aptitude of a student. But what sort of examination is proper and desirable is the vital question of the day.

There is no denying the fact that modern system of examination at the end of a year or a term has been outmoded. It does not test the real merit and educational attainments of students. It encourages cramming and success in it depends on luck and pluck. Students select certain topics, them necessary sedulously and vomit them in the answer papers. It is mug noticed that students can accurately select the topics. Set questions are given and hackneyed answers are reproduced. Credit is given to the correct reproductions of the memorized matters. Students depend on suggested topics and bazaar notes. Instead of developing their own initiative and independence through discussions and writing, they learn the few suggested topics by rote. They go to those teachers who can give them the best suggestions. As à result corruptions in the educational world have also vitiated the system. The present system of examination does not encourage the student’s interest in the subjects they learn and up their individual energy for the acquisition of knowledge. Learning has become a bargain, a business proposition. Moreover, the present system of examination is something of a nightmare to the students. They cannot take it easily and gladly. They have to undergo the tremendous tasks of memorizing and keeping them in mind. The task is simply laborious, boring and dull. It does not contribute to the real development of mind and cultural and intellectual attainments. Learning should be a cheerful and inspiring affair. It must promote the mental health of students. But mental flowering becomes impossible if students are made to face the kind of examination that repels them, Students have to bag a’degree’ in order to qualify for the jobs. Success in examination means employment, position and prestige. So instead of trying to learn the subjects, students make hectic efforts to pass the examination by any means It is not always the fact that a student who tops the list is always the best. A student who gets a low place may have firmer grasp of the subject and is more intelligent and more intellectually alert than the best boy. It is comfortable to remember that many of the greatest geniuses of the world had not done well in the class. Darwin was regarded as a ‘dunce’; Dickens did not learn much in schools and colleges ; Rabindranath and Shakespeare did not have any formal education.

The change in the system of examination is bound up with the question of the change in the system of education. Modern system of education as it exists in India is a colonial legacy. It is now jerry-built and outdated. Education must be more purposeful, more suited to the needs and aspirations of young boys and girls. General education up to the Higher Secondary stage must be compulsory and then students should be asked to go in for education according to their ability and aptitude. Higher education is not for all. Only those who have intellectual ability and aptitude for higher education should be selected for it. Vocational and technical education should be expanded and diversified to meet the needs of those who are qualified for it. Employment opportunities have to be extended.

Instead of an annual examination, students should be assessed continuously throughout the year. Classes should consist of not more than thirty students and they should be allotted work in various subjects and be made to write many exercises all through the year. Oral tests should supplement the written tests. Continuous tests, weekly and fortnightly will remove the fear of the examination and will be made agreeable to the students. Lastly, the set essay type questions are to be avoided. Cramming should be discouraged. Questions should be so framed as to test the knowledge as well as concepts of the students about the subjects that they study. It is only by organizing the system on these lines that the enormous waste of human energy and talent can be stopped.

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