01. Write a biographical sketch on Shyama Prasad Mukhopadhyay
one of the greatest patriots and parliamentarians, on the bass of the
following points.


Born : On 6th july, 1901
Father : Sr Asutosh Mukhopadhyay
Education: Very mertorious since childhood. Passed BA Eramwith first
cless first in English Honours from Presidency College in 921
Passed MA. Exam. with first class first position tn Bengali jrom
Calcutta University in 1923. Went to England to stuay iaw.

Service: Retiurning India dedicated himsel to the service of motheriand.
Became Vice Chancellor of Calcuta University at the age of 55
Devotet hinself to the progress of CU.A great lasger of country

As a poltictan : In 1937 elected an M.LA of West Bengal In
1940 became the President of Hindu Mahasabha. Held an
Importanl ministry in the Haq Ministry in Bengal in 1941.
Pas acthvety beside the cyclone-hit people of Midnapore in
early forties.

Grealest work:

Played a major role in the formation of Punjab and est
Bengal. AS Industry Minister introduced mixed ndustiy
couniiy. Kesignec Jrom Nehru Ministry in prorest agas
Nehru’s Kashmir Policy and Jormed Janasangha.

Death: Mysteriousiy in a jail in Kashmur m 1953.




Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukhopadhyay was one of the greatest patriots and parliamentarians of India. He was born on 6th July in 1901.He was born in Brahmin family .He was the worthy son of Sir Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay who was a judge of the High court of Kolkata, Bengal, who was also Vice- Chancellor of the University of kolkata. He was a very meritorious student since childhood. Shyamaprasad passed the B.A. Exam. from the Presidency with first class first in English Honours College in 1921. Then he passed the M.A. Exam. with first class, first position in Bengali from Calcutta University in 1923. After this he went over to England to study law. After that he returning to India and dedicated himself to the for of his motherland, Shyamaprasad became the Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University at the age of only thirty-three. Like his illustrious father, he also devoted himself to the progress of Calcutta University. He was also a great lawyer of the country. In 1937 Shyamaprasad was elected a member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. He was selected the president of the All India Hindu Mahasabha in 1940. Shyamaprasad held an important ministry in the Haq Ministry formed in the wake of the fall of the Muslim League Ministry in Bengal in 1941. Mukherjee joined the Hindu Maha sova in Bengal in 1939 also . Shyamaprasad was served for the cyclone-hit people of Midnapore in early forties and formed the Bengal Cyclone Relief Committee. He played a major role in the formation of Punjab and west Bengal as two new Indian states. He became the Minister for Industries in the first Indian ministry after
Independence and introduced mixed industry in the country. But he resigned from the Nehru Ministry raise an objection against Nehru’s Kashmir policy and formed the Janasangha in 1950. This great leader and orator suffered a premature death most mysteriousty In a jail in Kashmir in 1953.

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